Catriona Morison receives fantastic reviews in the title role of Hänsel und Gretel at Oper Wuppertal

19 December 2017

Above all are mezzo soprano Catriona Morison in the trouser role as Hänsel and soprano Ralitsa Ralinova alias Gretel, who, in addition to their first class powerful portrayal of the main roles, provide fitting vocal characterisation in every respect.

Westdeutsche Zeitung, Hartmut Sassenhausen, 10 December 2017 

The magnificent Catriona Morison, with clear mezzo, turns Hänsel into a boy on the brink of adulthood. 

Westfalenpost, Monika Willer, 10 December 2017 

Catriona Morison and Ralitsa Ralinova visually and vocally provide good siblings. Morison creates a Hänsel with cheeky playfulness, that makes it clear that he (still) finds girls silly, and obviously has fun teasing Gretel. Morison’s mezzo sounds warm and youthful...In the ‘Evening Prayer’, Ralinova’s soprano and Morison’s mezzo find a beguiling intimacy.

Online Musik Magazin, Thomas Molke, 9 December 2017 

The singing was sublime: A better casting for Hänsel and Gretel than Catriona Morison and Ralitsa Ralinova with young, boisterously glowing voices is hard to imagine.

Wuppertaler Rundschau Stefan Schmöe, 14 December 2017 

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