Shiva Feshareki's debut LP 'NEW FORMS' released by Resist

26 February 2019

Shiva Feshareki's debut album 'NEW FORMS' has been released on Belfast label Resist, displaying a snapshot into her turntabling experiments. This sonic exploration of perspective and social exploration of context demonstrates how one idea can have many perspectives of opinion and interpretation.

Feshareki comments: "Lack of communication and understanding between different social forms is one of the biggest issues I see and if I can demonstrate sonically how one form can be vastly transformed using nothing other than its own material, then I can demonstrate this complexity and vastness of perspective. NEW FORMS is the chaos, the escape, the brutality, the dischord, the beauty... NEW FORMS is very much to do with dialogue in aid of truth and understanding."

Fact Magazine's article on the release features the music video 'V-A-C Moscow' from her live performance footage, taken from the track’s creation at Moscow’s V-A-C Foundation in August 2018.

You can view the album press release here, and read the article 'Into the Music and Mind of Shiva Feshareki' here.

Photo credit: Elle Dodds

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