'Opus Infinity': Shiva Feshareki's latest immersive composition

25 March 2020

As part of 2020 cresc... Biennial for Current Music in Frankfurt, Shiva Feshareki performed her latest innovative composition 'Opus Infinity – A Spatial Composition for Turntables, Ensemble and Bespoke Soundsystem' with Ensemble Modern at Frankfurt LAB. The work has received considerable praise:

“The British Feshareki (born 1987) has been an exciting turntable performer for years, but sees herself in her work as a composer as well, because she constantly processes her own electronic sounds and compositions and works repeatedly with ensembles and orchestras, so that instrumental qualities and possibilities intertwine with those of the turntables. In addition, her own instruments and samplers give her access to an almost inexhaustible world of electronic music - some of which already exist - which she composes in her own way to create new compositions. …The entire room was included in this "spacial composition", including speakers, musicians and audience. The latter was allowed to move freely within the musicians, so that one received his very own version of the "Opus Infinity". ...Feshareki's "Opus Infinity" works with geometric spirals that are nested within each other in the tonal room design and in the live performance on the turntables. In doing so, the composer actually achieves an event that emphasizes organic, almost psychedelic effects…”

Alexander Keuk, mehrlicht

“Shiva Feshareki, who worked as a soloist in her work ‘Opus Infinity’, has attracted many people who would otherwise not belong to the usual audience of the Ensemble Modern.”

Doris Kösterke, Frankfurter Allgemeine

The festival explores the fascination exerted by the relationship between humans and technology upon contemporary music. Shiva's work focused on a complex geometrical spatial arrangement for the performers, creating an immersive performance for the audience. The touch-based turntable spatialisation was custom-installed by Christian Duka.

Read more about Shiva's piece here.

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