Nicholas Mogg's debut album is a roaring success

4 January 2022

Nicholas Mogg's debut album 'Loewe: The Other Erlking', with pianist Jâms Coleman, has received sparkling reviews from critics. Nicholas has also been chosen as Gramophone's One to Watch in their latest issue:

The Lieder of Loewe is lesser-known music for many, making Mogg’s advocacy of the composer in his newly released album both a timely and delightful debut. This survey of the ’North German Schubert’ is instantly engaging and communicative… The label has a strong track record of drawing attention to artists of great promise, and we will watch the next moves Mogg makes with great interest.

Martin Cullingford, Gramophone (‘One to Watch’)

This is a fine and enjoyable debut from an outstanding young pair … Mogg and Coleman capture this world beautifully, with the baritone’s voice - relatively light but reassuringly incisive in timbre - conveying an impressive range and the pianist bringing real drama and virtuosity to the accompaniment ... it’s good to hear these pieces, too seldom represented on disc, and welcome this handsome, intelligent and beautifully recorded debut from two fine young artists.

Hugo Shirley, Gramophone

Mogg’s baritone is free and true, and, relishing the colours and contours of the German texts, he projects richly at the bottom and with ease and clarity at the top. Mogg is a natural and engaging storyteller who allows himself, like one of Dickens’ narrators, to be enchanted by his own tale, slipping into his characters’ emotions as he relives their conversations or recounts their experiences. He’s not afraid to embrace the hyperbole and sentimentality in which Loewe, again recalling Dickens, is prone to indulge, and rightly so since they fuel the dramatic and emotional surge of the songs.

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Goethe's ballad Erlkonig set to music by Carl Loewe, or The Other Erlking as baritone Nicholas Mogg and pianist Jâms Coleman have become used to introducing this song to people who only know the famous Schubert setting. In some ways, Loewe is spookier with more of the dark forest atmosphere ... Mogg has a well-focused, dramatic baritone, great contrast at his best in the overtly theatrical songs… it's an excellent debut recital, and good to have Loewe framed so well.

Andrew McGregor commenting on the album on BBC Radio 3 Record Review

Nicholas Mogg and Jâms Coleman perform six ballads that have been part of the lieder repertoire for many years. Loewe’s writing is very effective. His songs are performed with clear lucidity by Mogg and accompanied by the subtle sensitivity of pianist Coleman… Both Mogg's warm voice and perfect diction and the charming piano playing, a refined technique and powerful sound, make any listener fall in love. The two musicians evoke the atmospheres and colors of works immersed in an exciting romantic universe.

Carme Miró, Sonograma Magazine

This is a wonderfully engaging programme, each of the bigger ballads grabs you in just the right way, with Mogg and Coleman bringing out the story-telling element (and Mogg in particular seems to relish the grisly bits, and the whole recital ends with his masterly 'Da lag Her Oluf and war tot'!), as well as enjoying the sheer variety of Loewe's talent. He is a composer who it is tricky to exactly pin down, but here he has fine advocates.

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill****

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