So Percussion’s new album with experimental indie rock duo Buke & Gase is “a most magical pairing”

2 March 2021

So Percussion’s latest recording, entitled A Record Of… and released on Brassland Records, has received excellent reviews for its rich and innovative stylistic collaboration with experimental indie rock duo Buke & Gase.

The album, which was released on 29th January 2021, was written in a 300 year-old house in Hudson, NY, and recorded in a studio in rural Vermont by members of So Percussion, and Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez of Buke & Gase.

Review highlights can be read here:

“On this new collaborative set with So Percussion, Buke and Gase’s rhythmically surprising, grungy work occasionally takes on a newly warm tinge…. Dreamy vibraphone, mellow kalimba and pinging glockenspiel offer enchanting support for Dyer’s siren-song refrains on the first track, “Diazepam”… The result is a fusion that’s fluid instead of forced.” – New York Times: ‘5 Classical Albums To Hear Right Now’

“Bristling with crazy-paving rhythms and wild melodic tangents, A Record Of… is the duo’s most sonically and stylistically rich work to date” – Uncut

“A most magical pairing… A Record Of… is a superb collaboration, reconciling jarring contrasts without compromising either party’s own character. It is the dynamic meeting point of pop and experimental, punk and classical minimalism, noisy and hushed, abrasive and smooth, delivered with stark clarity and precision.” – The Quietus

“A stroke of genius… For Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, the two names behind Buke and Gase which are also well known for their prolific instrument crafting, joining forces with the percussive quartet has translated into an album that will surely remain as one of the most interesting proposals gracing 2021.” – Sputnik Music

You can listen to Diazepam from the album on Youtube here. An interview with So Percussion member Adam Sliwinski on the collaboration can be read here. For more information on the new release, visit the Brassland Records page here.

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