Adrian Dwyer


"Adrian Dwyer showed boundless promise as Vaudemont…his top is beautifully liquid and free: a remarkable talent"


"Vakula was sung, most likeably, by a young Australian tenor, Adrian Dwyer; quitea find"

The Sunday Telegraph

"One thing Opera Queensland does very well is the casting of its leads…Alfredo was expertly performed by Adrian Dwyer"

Sunshine Coast Daily

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Adrian Dwyer made his professional debut in Los Angeles as Rodolfo in Baz Luhrmann’s production of La Bohème, receiving an LA Stage Alliance “Ovation” Award, and has since been engaged by companies including English National Opera, De Nederlandse Opera, Opéra de Toulon, Scottish Opera, the Edinburgh International Festival, Opera Queensland, Opera North, Cape Town Opera, Birmingham Opera, Opera Queensland, NI Opera, Opera Ireland, and Opera Theatre Company, in roles such as Andres Wozzeck, Jaquino Fidelio, Janek The Makropoulos Case, Steuermann Der fliegende Holländer, Lensky Eugene Onegin, Tamino Die Zauberflöte, Don Ottavio Don Giovanni, Alfredo La Traviata, Ismaele Nabucco, Hagenbach La Wally, and Macduff Macbeth.  He has also garnered critical acclaim in modern repertoire such as Beadle Sweeney Todd, Gardiner Trouble in Tahiti, Sam Street Scene, and in creating the role of Edgar/Poor Tom in Goehr’s Promised End at the Linbury (Royal Opera House, Covent Garden).

On the concert platform he has worked with eminent conductors such as Christoph Eschenbach, Sir Richard Armstrong, Richard Bonynge, Jane Glover, Marc Soustrot, David Parry, Ulf Schirmer, Elgar Howarth, Oleg Caetani, Mark Wigglesworth, Edward Gardner, Paul Daniel, David Stern, Nicholas Braithwaite, Martin Andre, David Hill, Richard Farnes and Stephen Barlow, in venues such as the Opéra Comique and Théâtre Mogador (Paris), the Prince Regent Theatre (Munich), National Concert Hall (Tokyo), Usher Hall (Edinburgh), and in England at the Royal Albert Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Bridgewater Hall, the Sage Gateshead, Glyndebourne and Philharmonic Hall Liverpool.

Recent and future highlights include Lemminkainen Swanhunter for Opera North, Don Jose Carmen for Blackheath Halls Opera, Linfea La Calisto for English Touring Opera, Electrician Powder Her Face for NI Opera, Tony West Side Story in a concert performance with the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, and Trabuco La forza del destino and Flavio Norma for English National Opera. 

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Adès: Powder Her Face (Electrician)

Northern Ireland Opera (January 2017)

Around her, Adrian Dwyer, Stephen Richardson and Daire Halpin were superb.

Richard Morrison, The Times *****

Three of them skilfully play multiple roles – Daire Halpin and Adrian Dwyer are both pitch-perfect in their incarnations of representatives of the lower orders…

Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph *****

It's amazing in fact just how much can be conveyed by the brief scenes of no great expositional nature when you have a small cast that are capable of imbuing them with verve, personality and an essential degree of unselfconsciousness. Adrian Dwyer, Stephen Richardson and Daire Halpin throw themselves into the roles, always judging the tone perfectly. … Daire Halpin makes deceptively light work of the challenging range and variety of Maid characters, forming a terrific double act with Adrian Dwyer who is equally as impressive as the Waiter in a number of guises.

Opera Journal

Cavalli La Calisto (Linfea), English Touring Opera

Hackney Empire (October 2016)

Adrian Dwyer as Linfea (Diana’s warrior nymph) was also pitch perfect in both comedy and singing.

Howard Shepherdson, Limelight Magazine

Flavio (Norma), English National Opera

London Coliseum (February 2016)

Valerie Reid and Adrian Dwyer were strong in smaller roles.

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

High marks to Valerie Reid and Adrian Dwyer for their vivid subsidiary contributions as Clotilde and Flavio.

Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

Adrian Dwyer as Flavio sang hus duet with Peter Auty’s Pollione with fine style.

Robert Hugill, Opera Today

Valerie Reid’s Clotilde and Adrian Dwyer’s Flavio were also commendable.

Matthew Rye,

…the smaller roles of Clotilde and Flavio were confidently portrayed by Valerie Reid and Adrian Dwyer.

Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard

Julien (Louise), Buxton Festival Opera

Buxton Opera House (July 2015)

Adrian Dwyer as her bohemian lover Julien, has a youthful freshness that’s perfect for this role, but it can also open out, on the heights, into a great glowing arc of sound.

Richard Bratby, The Arts Desk

Julian was sung by tenor Adrian Dwyer, who navigated an especially difficult tessitura that was forever pushing the vocal line up. To sing as he did, maintaining consistent projection and diction, without suffering vocal fatigue, must have been extraordinarily taxing.

Andrew King,

Conductor Stephen Barlow had the right singers... Adrian Dwyer (a recent Opera North find) is a very good French romantic tenor indeed.

Robert Beale, Manchester Evening News

Adrian Dwyer had a rather high-tension edge to his voice, but he delivered in spades production a steady even and tireless stream of lyrical power.

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Lemminkäinen (Swanhunter), Opera North

Linbury Studio, London (April 2015)

Adrian Dwyer makes a bold Lemminkäinen.

George Hall, The Guardian

The singers, though, are adept at their multifunctional roles, especially Adrian Dwyer’s sterling Lemminkäinen.

Richard Fairman, Financial Times

Adrian Dwyer, as the hero, gets nimbly round some richly ornamented vocal lines for high tenor.

Michael Church, The Independent

Striking contributions from Adrian Dwyer’s doughty Lemminkäinen.

George Hall, Opera

The most prominent role is that of Lemminkaïnen himself: Adrian Dwyer brought a fresh and clear tenor voice to the role, not afraid to open up on the high notes to bring the devil-may-care feel to proceedings.

David Karlin,

Adrian Dwyer as the adventure-seeking and philandering young Lemminkäinen has a sturdy presence and a clarion edge to his bright tenor.

Geoffrey Mogridge, Opera Britannia

Adrian Dwyer does sterling work in the title role.

Mark Valencia,

Adrian Dwyer was believably intrepid and full of youthful spring in the hands and voice.

Colin Clarke, Seen and Heard

Huon (Oberon), New Sussex Opera

Cadogan Hall (November 2014)

That sterling tenor Adrian Dwyer is bright of tone and firm of pitch as Huon.

Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

Silver and Dwyer, meanwhile, tackle two of the most preposterously difficult roles in the repertoire with great aplomb and flair.

Tim Ashley, The Guardian

Adrian Dwyer’s ringing Huon settled into good lyrical form, too.

Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now

Dwyer’s winning characterisation ensured we cared throughout about Sir Huon, his love and his fate.

Charlotte Valori,

Dwyer made a very personable Huon, believably understated and bewildered by the events going on around him. He coped admirably with Huon's vocal line, producing cascades of nicely even passagework.

Robert Hugill,

Sir Edgar Aubry (Der Vampyr)

Everyman Palace Cork (June 2014)

Adrian Dwyer was the suitably frustrated bridegroom, Aubry.

Ian Fox, Opera

King Priam (Hermes), English Touring Opera

Linbury Studio, London (February 2014)

An ensemble performance of rare conviction, with Grant Doyle’s Hector, Nicholas Sharratt’s Paris, and Adrian Dwyer’s Hermes all outstanding.

Michael Church, The Independent

The young tenor Adrian Dwyer makes a striking Hermes, the divine messenger who flits between the Greek and Trojan camps.

Mark Valencia,

I was particularly impressed by Adrian Dwyer, who has a beautifully flexible lyrical tenor voice. As Hermes, he has the show-stopping moment in the last act where he sings about music’s power to “melt our hearts” and “renew our love.” It was naughty of me, I know, but I found Mr Dwyer’s performance so captivating that I wondered for a moment why he hadn’t been cast as Paris, allegedly the most beautiful man in the world.

Miranda Jackson, Opera Britannia

Adrian Dwyer did an excellent job as Hermes.

Charlotte Valori,

I can report Adrian Dwyer more than entirely admirable in the high tenor part of Hermes, the divine messenger. His solo paen to the power of music in the middle of act three was a notable moment.

Robert Hugill,

Perhaps especially notable were Adrian Dwyer’s properly mercurial (sorry!) Hermes.

Mark Berry, Seen and Heard

Fidelio (Jaquino), English National Opera

The Coliseum, London (September 2013)

Soloists including… Adrian Dwyer (Jaquino) made this an evening to remember.

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

Sarah Tynan and Adrian Dwyer match their climbing skills to their singing as Marzelline and Jaquino.

Richard Fairman, The Financial Times

Adrian Dwyer's lyrical Jaquino scampered around [the set] with apparent ease.

John Allison, Opera

Adrian Dwyer coped well with having to clamber about the labyrinth whilst singing.

Jim Pritchard,

Adrian Dwyer’s unforced, lyrical tenor made Jaquino’s sidelining more than usually poignant.

Peter Reed,

Adrian Dwyer sang well and did what he could with Bieito’s conception of Jaquino as a self-pitying psychotic.

Sebastian Petit,

Wozzeck (Andres), English National Opera

The Coliseum, London (June 2013)

Adrian Dwyer offered a finely-etched portrayal.

Mark Berry, Seen and Heard

Strong support also comes from Adrian Dwyer as a wheelchair-bound Andres.

A. Coghlan, New Statesman

Excellent cameos from Bryan Register as the Drum Major and Adrian Dwyer as Andres.

S. Taylor, Camden Review

The Flying Dutchman (Steersman), NI Opera

Grand Opera House, Belfast (February 2013)

Adrian Dwyer’s Steersman made a potent contribution.

Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times

The bright machismo of Adrian Dwyer's Steersman deserves to be seen for more than two performances.

Anna Picard, The Independent

Adrian Dwyer (the sleepy young Steersman) brought individuality to his role.

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

The Makropulos Case (Janek)

Opera North and the Edinburgh International Festival (August 2012)

The 'young' characters - Adrian Dwyer's suitably gauche Jancek Prus and Stephanie Corley's attractive Kristina - came off best.

Andrew Clark, Opera

Brilliantly paced under conductor Richard Farnes, and dynamically sung by Kihlberg, Robson, Corlet, Dwyer and Hayward.

Anna Picard, The Independent

Adrian Dwyer gives a finely judged performance as the tragic Janek Prus (son of Baron Prus) - another bright and clear tenor in this accomplished cast.

Geoffrey Mogridge, Opera Britannia

Adrian Dwyer's performance as Janek Prus is equally accomplished.

D. Gillan, StageBeauty

Sweeney Todd (Beadle Bamford)

Munchner Rundfunkorchester (March 2012)

Australian tenor Adrian Dwyer as Beadle Bamford is right on the money in ‘Ladies in their Sensitivities’, with a winning combination of vocal bloom in his very solid top range and obsequiousness in his characterisation.

J. Rosenblum, OperaNews

Die Zauberflöte (Tamino), Opera Theatre Company

Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (November 2011)

Tenor Adrian Dwyer portrayed his character Tamino incredibly. His warm and rich vocals setting the perfect atmosphere for many of his scenes.

N. O'Halloran, Guide to Dublin

Her Tamino, Adrian Dwyer, had the ringingly ardent tenor the part needs, and avoided the kind of soppiness it can easily descend to.

T. Blain, Irish Theatre Magazine

Hagenbach (Catalani’s La Wally), Opera Holland Park,

August 2011

Adrian Dwyer tackled the stratospheric tenor role – a veritable Matterhorn in itself – with heroic stamina

The Times, R. Morrison

As her love-object, Hagenbach is more complex – taking the idea of hurting those we love the most to extremes. Adrian Dwyer conveyed conflicted cruelty with considerable panache, and his lyrical tenor made its mark in the role’s high tessitura.

Classical Source, P. Reed

Adrian Dwyer convinces as the feckless Hagenbach

The Telegraph, R. Christiansen

Adrian Dwyer is a redoubtable Hagenbach

The Stage, G. Hall

There’s great support too from Adrian as the swaggering huntsman tenor, W. Thompson

I thought Adrian Dwyer might be too light of voice for this role… however, he gave a decent account… rising to the ardour of the final scene well, his tenor ringing through the mountains

Opera, M. Pullinger

Tenor Adrian Dwyer is pleasant as the caddish Hagenbach, S. Thomas

There’s fine support from tenor Adrian Dwyer (Hagenbach)

Metro, W. Thompson

Adrian Dwyer’s Hagenbach commanded all the arrogant swagger the character demands


Promised End, Linbury Theatre,

Royal Opera House

...with the best singing coming from Adrian Dwyer as Edgar

Daily Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen

His good son Edgar was cleanly sung… and well acted by Adrian Dwyer

Opera, Andrew Porter

Edgar, who was movingly portrayed by Adrian Dwyer, especially in his feigned madness, his youthful tenor well contrasted with that of Gloucester

Opera Britannia, Mark Pullinger

As Edgar, Adrian Dwyer is convincing and impressive, Claire Seymour

Adrian Dwyer sang a lyrical and honey-toned Edgar, Jaimie Robles

The performances themselves are all first class, both dramatically and vocally – a rare thing indeed in the operatic world... I would particularly single out Adrian Dwyer as Edgar, Finn Pollard

Adrian Dwyer portrayed with touching acuity the transformation of Edgar into Poor Tom

Boulezian, Mark Berry

Dwyer was the most incisive in getting the words over, Robert Hugill

Edgar and Gloucester (Adrian Dwyer and Nigel Robson) trace a simple and genuinely touching path through

London Evening Standard, K. Quirke

Adrian Dwyer had a bright, easy tenor sound that spoke of his essential goodness, Mike Reynolds

Adrian Dwyer’s Concert Repertoire

Bach St John Passion
Weihnachts Oratorium
Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Britten Rejoice in the Lamb
Bruckner Te deum
Handel Messiah
Judas Maccabaeus
Haydn Creation
Nelson Mass
Mahler / Schoenberg Das Lied von der Erde
Mendelssohn Elijah
Mozart Requiem
Mass in C Minor
Missa Brevis in D
Orff Carmina Burana
Puccini Messa di Gloria
Rossini Stabat Mater
Petite Messe Solennelle
Schubert Mass in Ab
Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music
Verdi Requiem

Adrian Dwyer’s Opera Repertoire


Fra Diavolo (Fra Diavolo)


Fidelio (Jaquino)


Wozzeck (Andres)


Beatrice et Benedict (Benedict)
Benvenuto Cellini (Francesco)


Trouble in Tahiti (Gardiner/Trio)


Pecheurs du Perles (Nadir)


Death in Venice (Strolling Player)
Paul Bunyan (Inkslinger/Narrator)


Koanga (Simon Perez)


Maria Stuarda (Leicester)
Lucia di Lammermoor (Arturo, Edgardo)
Fille du Regiment (Tonio)
L'elisir d'amore (Nemorino)
Linda di Chamounix (Carlo)


Promised End (Edgar)


Romeo et Juliette (Romeo)


Excursions of Mr Broucek (Miroslav, Composer, Harpist, Mazal/Petrik)


Manon (Des Grieux)
La Navarraise (Araquil)


Die Zauberflote (Tamino, 1st Armed Man)
Don Giovanni (Don Ottavio)
Cosi fan Tutte (Ferrando)


Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)


La Boheme (Rodolfo)
La Fanciulla del West (Trin)
Gianni Schicchi (Rinuccio)
Madama Butterfly (Pinkerton)


Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)


Skin Deep (Robert)


The Bartered Bride (Jenik)


Der Rosenkavalier (Der Sanger)


Cherevichki (Vakula)
Eugene Onegin (Lenski)
Iolanta (Vaudemont)


King Priam (Hermes)


La Traviata (Alfredo)
Rigoletto (Duca)
Otello (Cassio/Roderigo)
Falstaff (Fenton)
Nabucco (Ismaele)
Macbeth (Macduff)


Der Fliegende Hollander (Steuermann)


Street Scene (Sam Kaplan)

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