19 January 2015

Standing ovations for Federico Colli’s debut with BBC Symphony

“formidable delicacy” “electrifying” “transcendental pianist” Colli is immediately re-invited by BBC Symphony Orchestra. Read more

16 December 2014

“Superstar” Mahan Esfahani releases “ravishing” Rameau

Mahan Esfahani triumphs again with Rameau and Corelli discs. Read more

14 January 2015

Mahan Esfahani and Michala Petri’s Corelli disc Gramophone Editor’s Choice

“Remarkable” and “extraordinary” recording of Corelli’s Opus 5 Sonatas. Read more

16 December 2014

Olafur Sigurdarson nominated for Icelandic Music Award

Olafur Sigurdarson has been nominated Male Vocalist of the Year 2014 of the Icelandic Music Awards. Read more