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Kobie van Rensburg

Stage director

  • Rensburg draws performance of courage and extraordinary sensuality from his singers. He takes Monteverdi at his word, focusing on appetites that drive these people. The result is a staging of inspired clarity.
    Shirley Apthorp, The Financial Times
  • For him, the work shows that existential emotions such as love, hatred, fear and envy are the same in every period [...] he succeeded brilliantly in supporting this view.
    Klaus Billand, Opera Magazine
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    • La Resurrezione
      Radialsystem V, Berlin

      The producer Kobie van Rensburg...had the courage to take the mystery of Christ’s resurrection seriously, intending to make it interesting- or even relevant – to non-believers. Omnipresent video projections took the place of Baroque stage machinery, most impressively when the Angel broke open Hell’s Gate or, later, when Nature itself revived together with Christ. Remembering that some of the work’s roles were diversely cast with women or men, van Rensburg had Lucifero sitting in the stalls as a red-haired vamp at the opera’s start, before becoming a seductive Man in Black later. Whatever Christian doctrine says, this Angel was anything but sexless, and there had obviously been ‘something’ between Jesus and Madalena. Van Rensburg walked a very fine line, but his symbolism was consistently on the mark, and the fascinating production never strayed into excess.
      Carlos Maria Solare, Opera
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