Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash


"Both brothers have developed individual and distinctive musical voices at a very young age, and both look set to become central figures in North Indian classical music-worthy heirs to their father’s crown…"

Songlines World Music Magazine

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Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash represent the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash School. Disciples of their father the great sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan, both were initiated into the fine art of sarod playing from an early age, with each brother giving their first public performances at the age of eight.

They have performed across the globe, including appearances at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center in the USA, Royal Festival Hall, Symphony Hall and Barbican Centre in the UK, Konzerthaus Vienna, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Esplanade Singapore and Sydney Opera house. They have also appeared at festivals including WOMAD, Edinburgh International Festival and World Beat in Brisbane.

Their pioneering approach to the repertoire has led them to collaborate with percussionist Evelyn Glennie, guitarist Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band, cellist Matthew Barley, Bulgarian violinist Elmira Dararova and folk singer Carrie Newcomer. They also regularly perform their father’s sarod concerto Samaagam which they have played with Britten Sinfonia, London Philharmonic, Adelaide Symphony, Singapore Chinese Symphony and Moscow State Philharmonic Orchestras.

Along with their father they are Gold Medal Winners at the Global Music Awards for their outstanding contribution to the global music industry and excellence in the classical music sphere. This honour was bestowed on the trailblazing trio in recognition of their “Peace Worshipers” album which was released in July 2017 by Affetto Records and distributed by Naxos.

Follow Amaan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @AmaanAliBangash, and follow Ayaan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @AyaanAliBangash.

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Royal Festival Hall

London, 31 April 2019

Sustained brilliance and punctuated by rare moments of thrilling intensity...Khan’s talent seems to be shared between his sons, one adopting his speed, the other his delicacy. The elder of the two, Amaan Ali Bangash, strums his instrument fast and rattles out repetitive phrases like a machine gun; the younger son, Ayaan Ali Bangash, delivers a series of sighing riffs and pitch-bending curlicues. One of the highlights of the show comes at the end, when all three sarod players play together, accompanied by the two percussionists (including the remarkable tabla player Vijay Ghate). They trade phrases like blues musicians, one playing an eight-beat riff, the others replicating it note-for-note, with increasing intensity and featuring furious percussion accompaniment from Ghate and mridangam virtuoso Sridar Parthasarathy. It’s an ending that truly hits the audience for six.

John Lewis, The Guardian ****


WOMADelaide, March 2019

Quiet moments that shone with subtle intensity... the shimmer of Amjad Ali Khan's sarod set against the quivering strings of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Jessica Nicholas, Canberra Times

The huge centre stage was filled to capacity as the Sarod trio were joined by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to present the stunning and acclaimed concerto for Sarod, Samaagam.

The violins of the orchestra droned softly as the three Sarod maestros took turns taking short, brittle solos as the tabla measured time. It felt like a journey through a desert as the bright attack of the Sarod cut through the shifting landscape drawn by the orchestra, as the insistent tabla marked our journey's steps.

The concerto is quite a restrained piece but soon gave way to brighter colours as the orchestra lifted and fell like waves or the fluttering of flags in the wind, the conductor carefully watching the trio of Sarod players as they improvised freely amongst the themes offered by reed and horn, string and bow

Broadway World, Barry Lenny

Selected praise for Ayaan Ali Bangash

From India, a Sarod Dynasty Represented by Father and Sons....both excellent musicians, who play with power and precision and can light up an audience with fast passages. 

The New York Times

A young artist who has achieved the right blend of attainments and artistic creativity, ingenious in its instrumental technique and pleasing in harmony.

The Times of India

Ayaan is to be commended for his control over his instrument. He displayed a fine sense of balance. This maturity often eludes those far older.

The Hindustan Times

Ayaan showed definite advancement towards maturity which kept in harness impressive technical acumen.

The Telegraph Calcutta

Dreamy, exciting and dramatic… A technically accomplished player.

Songlines World Music Magazine

Selected praise for Amaan Ali Bangash

Amaan’s playing is packed with rapid-fire stroke work.

The Telegraph Calcutta

Amaan bears the great responsibility of carrying the baton of music tradition that his father has passed on to him.

The Times Kuwait

Sarod maestro enthralls city. Amaan kept the audience glued to their seats.

The Hindustan Times

Like Father, Amaan has a penchant for harnessing the sweet tones and bringing out enchanting melodies that immediately draw the audience to him. 

The Statesman New Delhi

Young maestro picks up pace. Amaan announced his attainment of top-grade concert maturity.

The Telegraph Calcutta

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