Royal Scottish National Orchestra to premiere Daniel Kidane's 'Zulu'

12 April 2017

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra have announced that they will give two performances of a new work by composer Daniel Kidane.  Entitled Zulu, Daniel has written the piece as part of the RSNO Composers' Hub, a scheme created to develop the talents of up-and-coming talent.

A little bit about the piece:

Named after the Bantu ethnic group of Southern Africa, Zulu brings to life the formidable fighting spirit of the Zulu people. Clannish regiments, known as Impi, marked their bravery and militaristic prowess in battles with invaders such as the Boer Commando and the British Empire. The vigorous nature of the piece, characterised by ever-present percussion and an unwavering drive, reflects the essence of the Zulu people.

Zulu will receive its premiere at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh on 10th November 2017 and will be repeated at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.  The RSNO will be conducted by Cristian Macelaru.

To read the full press release from the RSNO please click here.

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