"Already virtuosic music blossoms out with dazzling splashes of fresh fingerpaint" - Robert Levin’s complete Mozart sonatas recording named BBC Music Magazine’s “Recording of the Month”

11 October 2022

Robert Levin’s recording of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas has just been released on EMC Records and it was named the BBC Music Magazine’s “Recording of the Month”.

This comprehensive set of 7 CDs is the first complete recording of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas on the composer’s own fortepiano and comprises Levin’s completions of sonata movements which Mozart never finished. His expertise in the fields of reconstruction as well as improvisation in Mozart’s style was enthusiastically appraised for “the profound understanding, sophistication and sense of joy with which he delves into the personality of the composer, not just that of his piano” (BBC Music Magazine) as well as his “fluent, improvisational yet scrupulously historically informed approach evident in every bar of these highly engaging, often surprising accounts” (Limelight Magazine).

“No 12 in F K332, colourful and dramatic and adorned with those improvised embellishments that Levin lavishes with such care and taste throughout, such that they are never superfluous and always expressive of structure as much as feeling.” - Will Yeoman, Limelight Magazine *****

“Levin gives his own expertise in improvisation its head during repeats and restatements – already virtuosic music blossoms out with dazzling splashes of fresh fingerpaint, extending to audacious amplifications of detail in melodic lines and harmonies. Would Mozart have had so much fun with them? I reckon so.”

“The whole project is a stunner. Without neglecting faithfulness to the letter, Levin prioritises faithfulness to the spirit. This treasurable set may cast crucial light not only on these sonatas, but also on how we consider the very nature of historical performance”. - Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine*****

For more information as well as ways to listen to Robert Levin’s new disc, visit the ECM Records website here: https://www.ecmrecords.com/shop/1628759665/wolfgang-amadeus-mozart-the-piano-sonatas-robert-levin

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