New Reich/Richter recording is "one of Steve Reich’s most impressive recent pieces, elegantly performed"

17 June 2022

Steve Reich’s 2019 work Reich/Richter has been released on Nonesuch and is now available to buy and stream.

Originally a collaboration with renowned visual artist Gerhard Richter for the opening of New York’s newest performance venue The Shed, the work has taken on a new life in its concert form and receives it’s premiere recording by French group Ensemble Intercontemporain and George Jackson.

Andrew Clements, writing in The Guardian, gives the recording 4**** and describes is as "one of Reich’s most impressive recent pieces, elegantly performed". The Financial Times says it is "vivid and tonally rich" whilst Geoff Brown’s review for The Times says:

"The more intently you listen, the more subtleties emerge among the shifting, criss-crossing textures and phrases, sometimes coloured with gentle melancholy and Hebrew sighs, but decisively upbeat by the end. Reich/Richter is an ear-tickling tonic"

Other reviews have included pop music magazine Uncut - "The effect is kaleidoscopic, as the music constantly moves and morphs to reveal new shapes, colours and meanings" - and Adventures in Music: "….a ravishing score, Reich/Richter is one of those recordings that take hold on the listener right from the start and absolutely won’t let go until the echoes of its very last chord have evaporated into deep, meaningful silence".

A vinyl edition of the recording is available to buy from August 5

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