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Gothic Voices

Vocal Ensemble

  • …King's mezzo rose with the sun to a central ecstasy for which not even the beauty of earlier pieces had prepared us…
    The Gramophone
  • …their tuning, intonation and tone control were perfect…
    Early Music Review
  • …sustenance for the soul, a short-cut to bliss…
    The Times
  • Excellence, refinement, purity, spirituality; these are words which constantly recur in notices of Gothic Voices’ concerts and recordings. Add to that their consistently praised perfection of ensemble, sonority and intonation, and their superb international reputation in the field of medieval vocal music comes as no surprise. Founded in 1980 and featuring their current personnel since 1995, Gothic Voices have made more than 20 CDs on the Hyperion label, three of them Gramophone award winners. Their concert programmes exploit the extraordinary diversity of timbre and texture possible in music varying from one to four voices, taking full advantage of the wealth of experience which the individual singers bring to the group. Gothic Voices have given highly-acclaimed performances throughout Europe and both North and South America, pursuing their quest to bring music from the medieval world into the main-stream, making it accessible to today’s audiences without compromising its integrity.

    • “A Laurel for Landini - 14th Century Italy’s Greatest Composer”
      Avie Records (released autumn ’08)

      There could be no better introduction to the delights of late-medieval music...enjoyably intriguing...Gothic Voices make imaginative use of varied scorings, and their lively, expressive performances are first class.
      Elizabeth Roche , Daily Telegraph
      This CD is a delight. It contains music which is focused; intimate without being breathily urgent; lightly melodious and shot through with clean, expressive singing... Gothic Voices have the gift of being able to bring such music to life so effortlessly...This is an exciting, profound and excellently executed CD.
      Mark Sealey, MusicWeb International
      ...superbly blended Gothic Voices... the performances capture Landini's almost jazzy, syncopated rhythms, lively counterpoint and melodic flourishes to perfection.
      Robert Levett, International Record Review
      Taking intelligent and tasteful programming to even greater heights, Gothic Voices in ‘A Laurel for Landini’ showcase the 14th century maestro in an ideal balance…exceptionally fine and virtuosic performance.
      Rebecca Tavener, Choir and Organ
  • Gothic Voices sample programmes

    Champagne and Burgundy
    • A programme of rich harmonies, rhythmic energy and glorious inventiveness from two of the greatest masters of the Middle Ages, Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377) and Guillaume Dufay (c.1400-1474), who dominated music in medieval France. This programme traces a path from the early experiments with dissonance and rhythm of the Ars Nova, through the more exaggerated mannered style of the Ars subtillior at the turn of the century towards the new transparency of texture with which Dufay sought to imitate the work of Dunstaple, the Contenance Angloise. For the initiated this is a fascinating journey through the period's most significant developments in polyphony. For those lucky enough to be meeting this music for the first time it is a spell-binding introduction to some of the greatest music ever written.
    The Unknown Lover
    • Total mystery surrounds the life of the late 14th century French composer Solage. There appear to be no written references to him other than his name attached to 10 works in the Chantilly Codex, and yet his music makes up more than 10% of the manuscript, showing him to be the leading composer of what is now called the Ars subtilior. This programme is a show-case for his complete works, all love-songs, demonstrating the variety of his gifts as a composer. Interspersed among these are a selection of Machaut's love-songs, providing a sorbet-like relief from the richness of Solage, both in timbre and texture, and also showing the origins from which Solage’s fascinating musical style developed.
    The Combat of Life and Death
    • Gothic Voices presents a programme of medieval and renaissance music from the 12th to the 16th centuries celebrating the victory of life over death as exemplified by the example of the martyrs of the Church and by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. From 12th century sequences by Hildegard of Bingen through to motets by Arcadelt and Penalosa the music portrays the lives of among others, St Ursula and the 11,000 virgins of Köln, St Stephen, St Catherine of Alexandria, and St Thomas of Canterbury. The Blessed Virgin Mary is represented as an example of life-giving grace in Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, and the programme concludes with a setting of the Easter introit Haec dies quam fecit dominus rejoicing at Christ’s resurrection from the dead.
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